For my graduation project I made a colourful modular enironment for Unreal 4. Read abpout my process here:
There are few props in the scene, and the ones that are there are very simple and generic - just to stop the streets from looking too 'clinical'.
Many of the windows have a simple, blurry cubemap texture behind them to give them the look of a fake interior. Some of them use a bump offset too.
Parallax Occlusions Maps are used for the ground textures.
The lighting consists of a simple directional light, a sky light and some volumetric fog to intensify the sky in some of the areas.
Using modular pieces made iterations on the level layout much faster.
I decided to keep some of the top and bottom faces to allow myself the option to have slight outcrops, or have some of the building faces slightly embedded. This helps to break up the uniformity of the building facades.
The skyscrapers are simply BSP brushes floating around the edges of the level, with a simple tiling material applied.
The good thing about BSP geometry is the ability to stretch, scale and rotate the material to create different shapes.
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